Uqautchim Uglua

American Indian College Fund, Wakanyeja “Sacred Little Ones” Early Childhood Education Initiative.


Students proudly celebrate their "catch"

The Associate of Arts degree in Iñupiaq Early Learning offers students residency coursework and distance learning modules with an emphasis on language, cultural programming, community engagement, reflective practice, and early childhood education. There is a strong Iñupiaq Studies component incorporated into the degree with the required twelve (12) credit hours of Iñupiaq language, cultural and traditional arts.

The AA Degree is usually considered a transfer degree and can serve as the freshman and sophomore years at four-year colleges and universities. Graduates of the Iñupiaq Early Learning AA degree program are able to follow a seamless transition to a bachelor’s degree through an articulated agreement with a partner teacher training program.

Language Nest/Lab School:

The Uqautchim Uglua (Language Nest) Learning Center serves the Iḷisaġvik College community as a teacher training lab school and observation site for students enrolled in the program. Practicum and internship opportunities are conducted in an Iñupiaq immersion early learning setting for twelve students ranging from birth to three years of age. The Learning Center will model the delivery of the North Slope Borough School District’s Iñupiaq Learning Framework (ILF) in a preschool setting. By extending this curriculum to pre-school students, the North Slope’s youngest children will develop the cognitive, interpersonal and motor schools they need to enter school developmentally ready for academic success.

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